10 steps to stop aging without investing money and extra time

Who do not want to keep a young appearance as they age? In today’s world, people are more conscious about staying fit, looking young and glamorous. Some spend thousands of dollars in surgery or buying bottles of expensive anti-aging lotions and those  helps  to stop aging. But this may not be an option for everyone out there. Some people prefer to apply things that are natural. Some are not willing or may not yet be ready to spend huge money in surgery. They would rather consider something that is simple, affordable and can be arranged with whatever they have ready in hand. We suggest 10 easy-to-follow steps that do not demand you any investment of dollars or extra time. But they certainly will help you to stop aging.

1.Drink plenty of water

stop aging Drink water in plenty – 2-3 liters at least each day. Water keeps your body hydrated. It helps in digestion, absorption, transport of nutrients and flushes out free radicals. All these help improve skin’s firmness.

2.Get a facial weekly with natural products

You do not need to go to a beauty parlor every week to make this happen. Just open your refrigerator. Pick a mango or papaya to make some puree – your facial mask. Apply on your face to let the enzymes exfoliate your skin and reduce melanin accumulation. Alternatively, you may rub a chopped strawberry that is filled with ample vitamin A and beta-carotene. This will help in collagen regeneration.

3.Do things that make you happy

People who are generally upbeat and happy enjoy a good health and live a long life. So, find out what makes you happy and do those as much as you want. They will make you feel happy and stay young.

4. Be active, do exercise

If you are more active, you will live longer. Exercise slows down the shortening of telomeres, which are the end caps of chromosomes, the gene carrier. Regular exercise reduces inflammation in the body that comes with aging.

5. Eat berries

Berries such as raspberry and cherry contain a water-soluble pigment – anthocyanins. They prevent aging. Research shows that consumption of anthocyanins results in prolonged good vision and improved blood circulation. Eating berries prevents loss of memory and motor skill degradation.

6. Eat citrus fruitsstop aging

Oranges come loaded with isoflavones that are known to reduce hot flashes in women and increase the mineral density of bones. Citrus foods additionally retain the skin’s freshness by providing antioxidants and retains the glow by acting as sun blockers.

7. Eat colorful vegetables and raw salads

Try to include as much color as you can in your vegetable selection. Eat plenty of veggies and greens. Eat raw salad to get antioxidants. Try to avoid mayo-based dressings and add home-made sour yogurt instead.

8. Select food that brings a less-depressing menopause phase

During menopause lack of sex drive, weight gain and dryness of the vagina and resultant depression are common. One can fight them by strengthening the immune system. This is possible by including cheese, yogurt, banana, egg white and milk. At this stage, the body needs more phytoestrogens, which is an estrogen occurring naturally in legumes, considered beneficial in some diets. Flaxseed and soy combo are loaded with phytoestrogens.

9. Practice power walking

A 40-minute power walk every morning is a good way to make yourself breathe faster and keep your heart healthy. Walking helps to strengthen the nervous system, which slows down with age. This is why doctors say walking is the best antidote to aging. Power walking improves blood circulation. It also cleanses the lymph fluids to provide you greater immunity. As you walk, you delay the physical signs of aging such as joint and back pains.

10. Sleep well

Sleep for 8 hours at least. Make sure your bed is comfortable and the room temperature is set at a level to allow comfort.